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About VanishCubes

VanishCubes is a "Simon"-like memory pattern game. It is a very fresh and new look at the old classic in the fact that the cubes in which the pattern appears, vanish over time. Users will be challenged and thrilled as they are concentrating on remembering the order of the pattern, and where to exactly touch the iPhone/iPod touch screen. Want to join the fun? Visit us at the iTunes App store to join in on this new experience.


How do I play?
It's easy, after you've purchased VanishCubes, load the game by pressing the icon on your iPhone/iPod touch screen. Once the game is loaded press the "PLAY" button on the bottom of your screen. Now wait for the first cube to expand, tap the same cube, wait, and continue to remember the pattern of cubes that the computer shows you! Good Luck!

Where can I get VanishCubes?
Simple. You can purchase VanishCubes by either navigating to the App store on your iPhone/iPod touch, or through iTunes on your home computer.


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